Social Problem: Causes of Poverty

Posted on October 26, 2015 by

If you experience lack of money at times, you can definitely make a way to create money and sustain your lifestyle. This is far from poverty that many people experience. Unfortunately, the children are the most affected. This is an urgent problem around the globe but could not be easily resolved because of so many reasons including lack of support from the government. Here are the known causes of poverty that all of us should know.

Lack of education

Many children cannot continue school and some cannot even start primary. They would rather dedicate their time in looking for food rather than sitting in a classroom and waiting until graduation. These people would take their chances in getting work at an early age, but because of the obvious reason, their stomachs are aching for hunger.

Inefficient government

Many corrupt government officials do not do anything about poverty because they are busy getting the resources and wealth of the country. They only use the poor people during election campaigns for image management and forget them as soon as they are in the position. Some make an effort, but most of the time, help is limited and could no longer reach the needy.

Political instability

If there is a civil war in the country or there are many rebels threatening the stability of the government, many are affected and most of them are the poor people. Instead of studying and working, people affected by civil war would rather choose their safety. They would go to a safer place even if they were unsure of their fate. Also, if there is a political instability, the people do not know where and to whom they should ask for help.


This roots from lack of education. However, even if a person is educated but no employment opportunity is available, it will cause a bigger problem. The government should create jobs for the poor. All citizens need employment, so they have something to buy food for survival.

This problem may sound simple, but they cause a big problem in the society and the whole world. Most of these social problem is experienced by developing countries because their governments are not stable. If greedy people are the ones in the position, there is a tendency that the problem of poverty will not be given a solution.