Impact of Celebrity Endorsement in Political Campaigns

Posted on October 30, 2015 by

One of the winning strategies of the politicians is to hire or convince well-known celebrities to endorse them in exchange of big bucks. Why is this so? Undeniably, these celebrities can influence the feelings of the citizens toward the running candidate. For some, it can even influence their decision-makings. This tactic always works and here are the reasons.

Attraction and entertainment

Once the people know about that a certain celebrity, they would definitely find their way to see them. You can expect that the place being full of excited fans and expecting supporters to see their beloved idols. On the other hand, these celebrities are expected to give some speech relating to their endorsement to the running candidates and the reasons for the support. Unfortunately, a large crowd does not equate to politicians’ supporters. It could just be an influence of the celebrity endorsing them.

Changes politician’s image

If a politician has a negative image, looking for a celebrity with a reputable image can somehow soften people’s opinion about them. That is why, it is imperative that an influential and one having a positive image celebrity is chosen to make sure that he or she helps in establishing the credibility of the candidate.

Greater impact of political advertisements

An advertisement with a celebrity in it endorsing a certain politician has a greater impact than that of an ad informing about the plans and promises to constituents. It is common to see ads with a celebrity raising the hand of the candidate, impliedly showing that this candidate is his the winning candidate for him.

Create more awareness

The main reason why political candidates go for endorsement of celebrity is that, they do the talking for them because they can easily connect with the masses. These people are willing to hear and even believe them. A simple politician who has no track record to show can be a household name in no time if the right celebrity is hired for endorsement. His platform can be easily explained without him doing much of explanation.