Essential Things that Voters Expect in a Politician’s Platform

Posted on October 14, 2015 by

Every election period, we hear promises of politicians from advertisement, TV, and radio interviews. They take every opportunity they have to let us know of their intention to run and explain what they have to offer. As a responsible voter, we study their training and experience, previous performance and platform. We want to hear that they focus only on the essential elements instead of small things that do not need immediate action.


We want to live in a place where we can do what we need to do without worrying about our family’s safety. We are all scared of kidnappers, robbers, and even murderers. A good politician has the vision to eliminate the bad elements in the society. He wants that everybody be under the power of the law. This is never easy, so he had to explain his plans and strategies on how to go about it.


Many children are deprived of education. Some think that this is a right of rich people and privilege of the poor. This definitely a wrong thinking, but many have accepted this as a fact. Politicians should always consider education as the basic tool to have a progressive country. Educated people will never be a burden to the country.


This issue is taken for granted most of the time. We need to vote for a real public servant who cares about the environment and the natural resources. He should not fall as the dummy of rich people who abuse the resources for their own greedy intentions.


Of course, our economy should keep up. This essential element in a platform is usually the focus of the politicians. They say that when we have a better economy, more jobs will be in place for their poor constituents that need a job and money to support their families.

Some politicians have many other inclusions in their promises like an increase in employment, good appropriation of the budget, eliminate corruption and advancing the technology. All these are good to hear, but what is important is the act of doing what was promised during the campaign period. We trusted them to handle the position, and we are hoping that they are serious about making the country a good place to live in.