Effects of Slow Judicial Processes to the Citizens

Posted on October 22, 2015 by

As they say, “justice delayed, justice denied.” If you are one of those people who wanted to get justice, you will be frustrated to know that you are not simply battling the other party in the court. You are also battling the slow process of getting justice. The following enumerates its negative effects to citizens as well as the whole government.

Tainted trust in the judicial system

If you are waiting for the ruling of your case for several years, either you lost interest in the case or you will never be ready to know the result. Slow process for the high-profile case may result to the possibility of whitewash, influence, or manipulation. In short, if you are an ordinary citizen, simply expect that the ruling will not be in your favor.

Increase in backlogs

More and more cases are piled up every day, but the number of hearing of these cases seem cannot keep up. This could not be blamed for less number of judges alone because most of the time, the problem is the inefficiency. Of course, they would prioritize high-profile cases for the public interest. Nevertheless, they should not forget that there are also ordinary people seeking justice.

More time is wasted

Instead of moving on with your life, you are still in agony about the judgement of the court. You cannot make big decisions because you know that anytime, things might change.

Judgement becomes irrelevant

With delayed judgement, effects become moot. It is possible that parties could just end up having an extrajudicial agreement. In addition, because of the long wait, either of the parties or the witnesses is already dead. With this, it is possible that when the ruling comes out, the aggrieved party did not enjoy the ruling at all or the innocent accused did not have the vindication he needs. As the saying goes, the time just healed the wounds.

Judgement should be released within a reasonable period. If this is not met, there is always a speculation that the ruling is already influenced and justice can no longer be achieved. If this happens the image of the whole judgement system will remain in the bad light in the eyes of the citizens.