Causes of Corruption in a Democratic Government and Its Effects in the Society

Posted on October 18, 2015 by

The Democratic system of government gives the sole right to its citizens to elect their leaders. However, most of the time, their elected leaders abuses the power given to them. These public officials, most of the time, uses their power for their own personal intention. They become corrupt and blinded by the privileges given to them by the electorate. The following highlights the top causes of corruption and its effects on the society.

Personal and Family Greed

Corrupt leaders and their family are insensitive to their constituents’ needs because they prioritize their own personal desire. They lost interest in proving their integrity and choose to be dishonest. This is far beyond self-preservation because they want more than they need, whoever will suffer.

No real intention of serving the people

Politicians are often called as a public servant. However, not all of them have the real intention of serving the people. They have different agendas and they are not true to their word. They run in the election, hoping to win so they can protect their wealth. They will just do some façade services so they can be elected again and continue their unethical work.

They refuse to denounce corruption

Leaders who are conducive to corruption do not do something about the root of the problem simply because they benefit from it. You would not hear them criticize this kind of wrongdoings because they themselves do it. Unfortunately, you cannot expect them to condemn corruption and do the right thing.

Effects to the Society

If the people are aware that their elected leaders are immoral and dishonest, the tendency is for them to lose hope and trust to the electoral system. They will lose faith and respect to public officials and will see all of them as the same. Thus, even those who are honest and dedicated politicians may be affected with this norm. As a result, there will be a delay in growth in the country’s economy and fewer investors will trust the government. Lastly, everybody will suffer from the negative image of these leaders.